Before-after evaluation shows significant time savings with Caseform


The search for suitable follow-up suppliers by telephone and fax is a time-consuming undertaking given the current workload of nursing service providers. By using an IT platform solution, the Alfried Krupp Hospital in Essen, with two locations, was able to optimize discharge management with regard to the organization of aftercare. Enormous time savings were achieved for both the outpatient and inpatient areas.

15 min.

until the first approval of a follow-up provider in outpatient care

> 90%

overall time savings through the platform

5 weeks

for implementation

Implementation challenges.

The technological change in the form of communication from analog to digital was not without its obstacles. In addition, the COVID-19 situation had an aggravating effect on the transition processes and the exchange of communication between the clinic, aftercare providers and platform providers. To meet these challenges, training courses and appointments were held online in the form of webinars. The people involved were made aware of the digital solution and an understanding was created that the digital

Processes complement the work process and not replace it. A free three-month test phase of the discharge and transition platform, including an accompanying evaluation, allowed the benefits and thus also the economic advantages of the platform to be demonstrated.


A before-and-after comparison was carried out as part of an accompanying evaluation. The two phases extended from December 2nd, 2019 - March 1st, 2020 (investigation period before introduction) and from March 2nd to June 2nd, 2020. (investigation period after introduction). In the first investigation period before the introduction, only the process time from the start of the search, starting with the first telephone call, to the confirmation of a subsequent supplier was considered. The analog way of working made it difficult and very time-consuming to document and evaluate further key figures. For this reason, key figures such as the total number of broadcasts and the intervals between interactions were evaluated in the investigation period after the introduction. The time between sending the broadcast and a first reaction (acceptance or rejection), an acceptance or an order for the patient transfer of the respective follow-up care provider was measured. In the inpatient area, the Alfried Krupp Hospital received initial feedback from the institutions providing aftercare after an average of 20 minutes. This shows that the social service is informed of a current status after a short time. The first promise for the care of the requested patient takes place after 10.5 hours. Taking into account the comparative value from before the platform was introduced, there is a potential savings of 90%. In the outpatient area, the Alfried Krupp Hospital received the first reactions on average after 6 minutes and the first promise of a follow-up care provider after 15 minutes. The first promise Taking into account the comparative value from before the platform was introduced, this results in a savings potential of 99.5%. The results show that with a corresponding search, a suitable follow-up supplier can be expected on the same day. In addition, the discharge and transfer platform also has a positive influence on the organizational structures of the hospital. In this way, the employees of the Alfried Krupp Hospital were able to seamlessly continue and understand the search for a suitable follow-up supplier during the second examination phase, even in cases of substitution or when changing ward. Above all, the interface to the hospital information system enables a seamless and transparent display of the current status.

“Thanks to the discharge and transfer platform that was introduced, we were able to significantly reduce the time required to search for suitable follow-up suppliers. This also had a positive effect on the length of stay. "

– Jens Struck, Head of Social Services, Alfried Krupp Hospital Essen-Rüttenscheid

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