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About us

About us2022-08-24T13:49:54+02:00

The enterprise..

We are digital pioneers in the development of web-based software for the healthcare sector. As an award-winning software and service company (including the main IKT Innovative prize), our solutions make a significant contribution to the optimal care of patients and affected persons and their relatives. Our user-friendly products are used by almost all stakeholders in the healthcare system, primarily hospitals, aftercare providers and municipalities.

Several thousand users benefit daily from our customer-oriented service and personal support. Our interoperable solutions can be integrated problem-free into existing IT infrastructures such as the hospital information system (HIS). In addition, we have been continuously researching innovative solutions for the healthcare industry with our international team for 10 years. As a leading system provider, we overcome interface problems and bring the players in the healthcare sector together across sector boundaries.

As a software service provider, it is our goal to use our solutions to do justice to the dynamics of the social and health sector. Together with our partners, we develop forward-looking solutions that are characterized by a high level of professionalism and user-friendliness and contribute to the success of our customers over the long term. By using cross-sector solutions, we help to reduce coordination efforts and optimize complex supply structures.

We have a high level of research and development expertise. Expressed in numbers, this means that every year we invest more than 20% of our sales in research and development of new technologies and products. Our customers and partners feel this commitment when using our solutions.

Als Softwarepartner für das Gesundheitswesen unterstützt nubedian Sie bei Innovationen

Contact Person.

Mathias Schmon
Mathias SchmonCEO
+49 (0)721 7540 3663
[email protected]
Dr. Bruno Rosales Saurer
Dr. Bruno Rosales Saurer CEO
+49 (0)721 7540 3665
[email protected]
Michael Axtmann
Michael Axtmann Product Manager
+49 (0)721 7540 3662
[email protected]
Lisa Fix
Lisa FixRollout Manager
+49 (0)721 7540 36665
[email protected]
Moritz Röschl
Moritz RöschlRollout Manager
+49 (0)721 7540 36664
[email protected]
Benjamin Kolberg
Benjamin KolbergMarketing Manager
+49 (0)721 7540 36663
[email protected]
Niklas Hinrichs
Niklas HinrichsProject Manager
+49 (0)721 7540 3664
[email protected]
Markus Stahl
Markus StahlSales Manager
+49 (0)721 61932191
[email protected]
Lisa Pernak
Lisa PernakVertriebsmanagerin
+49 (0) 152 59554984
[email protected]
Sarah Ringhoffer
Sarah RinghofferRollout Manager
+49 (0) 160 8574396
[email protected]
Sabrina Bantle
Sabrina BantleRollout Manager
+49 (0)721 7540 366 19
[email protected]



Work with us..

We offer exciting tasks on technical and business issues in the field of IT for social and health care. Having fun at work and working in partnership with colleagues and customers are important values that we live by.

You can find our advertised positions here:

That sounds interesting? Then apply! If none of the advertised positions apply to you directly, but you are still interested in nubedian GmbH, we look forward to receiving your speculative application.


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